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Economy hotel will meet upgrading

Date: 2014-10-25

Live though China has not yet announced the details of the new hanting, but its overweight budget hotel sector is tangible. Beijing commercial daily reporter learned that, despite living depend on the economy hotel of China, home inns, platinum tao to brand development, economy hotel is one of the main profit sector. Live in the industry point of view, China which may guide the economy hotel to upgrading the new era.
The personage inside course of study points out that, home inns, platinum tao hua hotel group, its economy hotel quantity proportion still is the largest, and will not be broken this pattern in the future. Although a voice think of budget hotel rooms earn $5 a day only belong to the very low profit margins, but the economy hotel to hotel group on the whole is still profitable.
Above the industry analysis, the results show that the occupancy rate is as high as 91.2% in the second quarter of China live, usually a budget hotel have 150 rooms, if the rooms every day to earn 5 yuan, is each store can earn 750 yuan a day, with a 91% occupancy rate, is each store to earn $682.5 per day. By the end of the second quarter, hanting brand 489 directly-managed stores, so only hanting stores can earn 120 million yuan a year. In addition, in China live a 91% occupancy rate actually contains a rent, and rent profits is higher than normal for rent.
In fact,, home inns, platinum tao hua hotel group did not give up on the expansion of the economy hotels. Public information, home inns has started at the end of 2011 5000 stores expansion plans, platinum tao also is expected to store expansion in 2018 to 4500. Live and China CEO Mr Ji said, the number of stores in hanting ideal in about 8000.
In sumitomo ZhangWei hotel group vice President, updating and upgrading of economy hotel is the trend of The Times, the future standardization of chain of budget hotels will have similar action. Economy hotel in the eight years since house prices rise, this round of upgrading or will to house prices have a certain ascend. But the relevant person in charge of China live, said the new hanting house prices will not rise.
On the market at present, platinum tao has budget hotel refinement in order to "7 days", "7 days hotel", "7 days of sunshine". And it is optimal is put forward to do between budget hotels and mid-range hotel high-end economy hotel.
Huamei hotel consultant co., LTD chief knowledge management experts, senior economist Zhao Huanyan pointed out that the old lease expired is sitting on a large scale economy hotel hotel group facing common problems. Rent, labor costs rose a major economy hotel falling profits. So budget hotel in the future will be upgrading to improve its profitability. In addition, domestic tourists travel accommodation will give priority to with the economy hotel of price is not high. Which is economic, comfortable of tourists main selection index, so the updated budget hotel has a large market space.