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Miss world tourism zhuhai shows staged the most cool fashion summer wind

Date: 2013-08-19

For the first time this August, in addition to the air temperature is high, the finals of the 2013 miss world tourism in zhuhai area also set off a round of another round of glamorous as boom. Yesterday afternoon, sponsored by the Hong Kong advertising association and bamboo hotel colorful summer fashion show special invited miss world travel awards beauty appearance again T stage, focusing on the unique and original costumes, bikini sexy and dazzling, and elegant evening wear, gives people a highly visual impact as feast.
At 3 PM, at the international level through the master make bamboo hotel lobby, miss world tourism, winning the first miss Chinese famous original design women's clothing brand "fishing", shows the full-bodied Oriental intersection between color and fashion elements of the west. The combination of fashion and classic design interpretation of the national characteristics and connotation of Oriental finery. Subsequently, colorful, with rich summer breath, the bikini to let a person shine at the moment, together with dynamic music, just like in summer beach, cool feeling . Finale debut is the evening show, different colors, with different kinds of fashionable clipping and elements of the evening, or qing li, or elegant, or noble...
Event, many people have said, fashion is also a kind of culture, adjacent to Hong Kong and Macao, zhuhai fashion culture life is indispensable, and there should be more high level of activity. Citizens says ms, modern people pay attention to improving the quality of the life, and to advocate natural life as intellectual women find accord with the characteristics of its own, that nature is very popular.
According to organizers of the relevant controller introduces, this activity is the fashionable element and a try of perfect combination of art and design hotel, is also a backgammon hotel ", "breaking out again upgraded to bamboo forest" dressed up "for the first time after the hotel. Once a backgammon zhuhai landmark hotel in response to the zhuhai into a "garden-like coastal tourism resort" of city planning, with a huge sum of money at the beginning of 2011 hired from Britain and Hong Kong international architectural design and construction supervision company involved in construction. After upgrading the hotel appearance of the image is given priority to with "boreal Europe style", pay attention to design and fluent line, reflects the return to nature, advocating the fashion of log lasting appeal, with the postmodern characteristics.