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"China's first small and medium-sized hotels and boutique hotel development BBS" a successful ending

Date: 2012-07-10

Recently, organized by green mango travel network "China's first small and medium-sized hotels and boutique hotel development BBS" perfect ending joy coast in shenzhen. From all over the country youth hostel, characteristic, economy hotel, family, hotel, inn boutique hotel operators, tourism experts, marketing experts, talent show, media friends "how small and medium-sized hotel marketing, how to run multiple dimensions such as discussion, agreed that strengthen differentiated value-added service will win competition in the market for economy class hotel ways of breakthrough are obtained.
Huang Zhiwen President in the welcome speech pointed out that the BBS is the first step on the green mango for small and medium-sized hotels value-added, green mango will also continue to create value for small and medium-sized hotel for the mission, and continuously introduce all kinds of measures, systems, products and services, for the healthy development of small and medium-sized hotels and rapid development.
China's tourism research institute associate researcher Dr Yang Yanfeng with very detailed and authoritative data to the whole of China's small and medium-sized hotel development are analyzed, and he pointed out that in the first half of 2012 China's tourism industry continues to grow, small and medium-sized hotel development potential is tremendous, future personalized chain hotel, inn, hostel main products will be free.
Green mango Gao Ge, general manager of the "green mango - the growth of small and medium-sized hotel partner" the theme of the speech, the comprehensive elaborated the economy as a whole class hotel and the development of boutique hotel, green mango, he talked about the domestic economy class hotel now more than 28 m, e-commerce permeability is 34%, is expected in the next three years, the economy class hotel industry market size is growing more than 45% a year, 2015 economy class hotel more than 38 m, e-commerce penetration reached 45%, at the same time points out that the characterization, the quality, experience will be the trend of hotel development, green mango, the future will increase the intensity of marketing, to help small and medium-sized hotels promote value-added services.