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The international hotel industry giant in shenzhen

Date: 2010-07-25

Reporter "should be a fairly good year, this year the growth rate of tourists is rebounding, the income of the hotel industry will increase." Greater China region deputy director ms Guo Sihua yesterday in 2010 Asia hotel said on the BBS. From starwood, greater China, hk and other hotel management group of BBS guest said, believe that the hotel industry will be achieved within a year "V" shaped recovery, xiangzhou terminal, hotel near the stadium.
17 ~ 18 March 2010 Asia hotel BBS in the east of shenzhen oct hotel, root, a hotel industry "Oscar" said the "China hotel XingGuangJiang" will be unveiled this afternoon. It is understood that the BBS is the fifth annual meeting held in Asia hotel BBS, a total of nearly 500 guests attended the international and domestic, zhuhai hong hotel. BBS set up operational management, design, technology, investment, development of the three points and BBS.
Although last year hotel performance is declining in the asia-pacific region, but since the first half of this year have strong growth, zhuhai universal business (formerly known as grain gold). The personage inside course of study materials should rebound this year, because of the growth rate of tourists is rebounding, so the hotel industry's revenue will increase, especially in the next few years, the market will further consolidate and recovery. "At the same time, the Shanghai world expo will bring positive influence, the personage inside course of study is expected to arrive 70 million tourists. In addition to focus on mature in Beijing, Shanghai, second-tier cities growing demand for tourism is also noteworthy, zhuhai hotel.
The fifth China hotel XingGuangJiang competition result in this afternoon, hot spring resort zhuhai initiates a village, shenzhen as well as the domestic each big provinces and cities, Hong Kong, Macao, a group of top hotel for this year's winners in all categories, the awards will choose "China's top ten best theme hotel" and so on five big awards, including "to mark the fifth anniversary of the star award" honor "outstanding innovative leader in the Chinese hotel industry".